Kiss Me, Apparently I’m Irish

One of my stand-up jokes talks about my ethnicity and how people sometimes have a hard time guessing that I am Mexican, American Indian, German, and Dutch just by looking at me. Well, I can now add Irish to the list.

I actually found out a couple of months ago when Mom told me we have a big bunch of Irish ancestors on her side of the family. How did I not know this? Why did she wait until I was 36 years old to tell me? Why was this kept from me?

This explains so much: my love of Celtic music, my fondness for the guys in the bands The Electrics and Ceili Rain, the red hairs that pop up in my beard when I don’t shave, and of course my horrible horrible binge drinking (as if the Mexican/American Indian/and German heritage didn’t already explain that).

So Happy St. Patrick’s Day, me!


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