More Stuff for the Fridge about knocking one out of the park! A couple weeks ago I posted a blog about rearranging the stuff on my refrigerator and encouraged my buddies to feel free to send me something to add to the collection. My most recent addition comes from my pal Jen in Florida.

Along with a nice card explaining everything, she sent me some really cool custom-made magnets (one of them featured Chuck Norris telling me how awesome I am, one was a church sign advertising “Brother Ed” in concert, and my personal favorite was the one made up to look like a ticket stub to an Ed Placencia comedy concert (with fellow Hoosier Jim Gaffigan as my opening act)).

She also sent me a couple of pictures of her poodles. So now I have poodles on my refrigerator. Even though I’m not gay.

Jen is under the impression that I’m a Photoshop freak. Not sure why she thinks that, but whatever. She doesn’t have Photoshop, so she printed pictures of me, cut my head off, and re-pasted them on various magazine photos with hilarious results.

Now my fridge looks even better than before! Thanks, Jen, for the great package and the big laughs! You rock!!


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