In Support of My Non-Flakes

My friend Rachael recently posted a blog venting her frustration about her flaky friends…people who just kind of come and go and are there one minute and gone the next. Granted, she lives in Nashville and a lot of people there are part of the CCM music machine, so that’s most of the problem right there. ;) I think we all have friends like that (I’m sure I’ve been that person more than once) but it made me even more grateful for my friends who have always been there.

Yesterday I spoke with Amy on the phone, one of the many talented people I worked with at the National Comedy Theatre in Manhattan. It’d been too long since we last talked and it was great to catch up with her. One of my favorite memories of New York is with Amy. We went to a karaoke bar one night where she entered the big contest and won first prize (an Easy button from Staples). After that we walked through Central Park, despite the fact it was too late to safely do so and then went to a Chinese restaurant. We talked about everything from parents to God and Jesus to relationships. It was one of those times that made you grateful for the people in your life.

Talking with Amy yesterday also reminded me of the rest of the NY gang. Usually when one moves away from somewhere you keep in touch with everyone for a certain amount of time and then that kind of wanes and you end up maybe hearing from one or two of them. Not so with my fellow improvers. Adi keeps me filled in on her voice-over work, Chris loves to leave me random video clips, I love hearing what JT is working on, Virginia lets me know how she’s doing, Jeff keeps me in check, Jason keeps me laughing, Jacob shares his adventures, Paulie shares his passion for comedy…I’m going to stop listing individuals because I’m going to forget someone but you get the point.

I have one or two people from each city I’ve lived in that I still keep in touch with and still feel really close to, but New York definitely has the highest ratio. Weird.

And I can’t think of my New York friends without thinking of my friends next door in Pennsylvania. I worked at WJTL there and can safely say I still hear from pretty much everyone on a regular basis. Fred, Stacey, John, Lisa, Ethan, Aubrey, Tim, Tom, Mel, and Jen to name a few. I don’t deserve to be so lucky.

If you’re a friend that doesn’t live in one of those two places, don’t think I’m saying I like my NY and PA friends more than you…it’s just funny to me that there’s this huge block of people all within 3 hours of each other that I am still fortunate enough to hear from pretty regularly.

So although it does stink to think of friends that have gone missing or AWOL, it’s more than comforting to be reminded of those who haven’t.


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