A Friend Indeed

Without going into it too much and being too whiny, I had a bad day today. Really bad, actually. Basically, without provocation, my computer took a dump on me. Since I’m online right now it obviously wasn’t a total dump, but it was enough of a dump to make me swear like Courtney Love in a No Smoking establishment. Basically the sound drive is shot which boils down to me not being able to hear sounds on my computer. It wouldn’t be too bad except I can no longer hear audio to do my audio and video editing. And that sucks.

I spent the better part of the day trying to fix it and grumbling and hating life when the doorbell rang this afternoon. I was not in the mood for company. I peeked out the window and saw a UPS truck outside. I wasn’t expecting anything, so I thought nothing of it until I saw the UPS guy leave my doorstep and return to his truck.

What is this? I was hoping he had inadvertently delivered a box of cash money to my doorstep and so I made my way downstairs.

There on my doorstep was a box and the return address confirmed it was from one John Allen. For those of you who don’t know, I first met John when I was in Nashville working at Gotee Records; John was part of the sales team there. Like me he’s a fan of movies, stand up comedy, and trivia so it goes without saying we got along well and are still good friends.

A week or so ago I posted a blog about reconfiguring the junk on my refrigerator and invited my buddies to feel free to send me something to add to the collection. John dropped me a line to let me know his son Jake was working on something for me and it would be in the mail soon.

I definitely wasn’t expecting a box, though. I thought perhaps a legal-sized envelope or maybe even a Manila envelope, but definitely not a box. I giggled like an inbred monkey as I opened the box and out fell Jake’s awesome picture of a purple elephant, a couple Relient K stickers, a mini-poster from the movie Amazing Grace, an autographed insert from the new Switchfoot album, and a crapload of CDs!!!!!

So thanks, John and Jake. Thanks for being so incredibly thoughtful and also for brightening my day so much, even though you didn’t know how much I’d need it. It’s always nice to get those little reminders of how awesome your friends are. I had a bad day and my computer still isn’t fixed but thanks to my buddy John, I don’t care nearly as much.


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