Fridge Decor

This morning while waiting for my Dad to pick me up for work I decided to tidy up the decor on my refrigerator. I have two surfaces to work with…the front and one side. I put up a few things I have gathered during my time in Indiana (mostly photos of my niece and a few friends) and took down a few things as well (some recipes from Men’s Health and newspaper clippings).

Because I don’t have a digital camera anymore (alas and alack) I’ll let you know what’s what. The side of the fridge is mostly covered by a map of the NY subway system. It also contains the McBob Annual Christmas Update, a program from the National Comedy Theatre, and the cast roster from my final show at the NCT.

The front of the fridge features photos of the Sattisons, the Blowers, the McRobertses, and the Bishops. There’s also a promotional postcard from the NCT and some artwork (one by my niece Valencia, and one by my buddy Adi).

I’d like more, though, so I think you should send me items (photos, something you drew, postcards, cash money) to add to the beauty. You know my address. If you don’t, drop me a line. Let’s turn this mother out.


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