An Inconvenient Movie

An Inconvenient Truth is a movie nominated for an Oscar for Best Documentary Feature, explaining the dangers of global warming. It is produced and narrated by Al Gore. It’s basically the filming of a long lecture on global warming done by Al Gore, with various shots of Al Gore in between trying to save the world.

There is a reason Al Gore has a reputation for being boring.

This movie sucks. Not because of the content, but because Al Gore bores the everliving crap out of me. I tried, I really did, to be interested and listen to the facts, but when they’re being given to you by a man with as much charisma as a week-old dog turd, it’s a little hard to focus and pay attention. This blog is in no way affected by my personal opinion of Al Gore. The fact of the matter is, he’s freakin‘ boring.

Sorry. This film may have information I need to know, but I’m not getting it this way. I stopped 25 minutes into the movie and can’t take any more of it. The worst part of it is the fact that this will probably win the Academy Award for its category. Not because of its brilliant and intriguing storytelling or its revelation of hidden facts, but because Al Gore is popular with Hollywood and he didn’t win the presidency. I submit to the jury that the Academy Award this “film” is almost certain to win will be Al Gore’s presidential consolation prize.

And I won’t have any part of it. Life is too short to mix politics with pleasure. And this film isn’t even pleasant.


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