A Week From Tonight. And I Don’t Care

The Oscar Awards are next Sunday, and I honestly couldn’t care less. I can’t remember being less enthused for the big shoo. Maybe it’s because I haven’t seen many of the nominees this year. Maybe it’s because I don’t really want to see many of the nominees this year. Or maybe it’s just because there haven’t been many movies to get excited about lately.

Of the Best Picture nominees, I saw The Departed (pretty good) and Little Miss Sunshine (amazing). I know LMS isn’t going to win, though, and so I honestly don’t care who does.

The category I’m most excited about? Best Animated Feature. This is the category they got right this time around, as all of the movies are deserving.

Cars was my least favorite of the Pixar films (I’ll be the first to admit that I equate car racing with mullets and rednecks, so it already had that going against it) but the animation in itself was amazing.

Monster House was just fun. Fun, fun, fun. I definitely liked it much more than Cars. Sorry, Pixar. You know I still love you.

I just finished watching Flushed Away and maybe it’s just because it’s freshest in my mind, but it is my personal favorite of the three. And I didn’t even want to see it because I never got into the Wallace & Grommitt series. I know that’s heresy with some people, but I just couldn’t find them entertaining, and this film is by the same guy. Maybe it was because I was expecting so little that I enjoyed it so much. I laughed out loud numerous times and that’s always a plus with me. Definitely the kind of movie that will need repeated viewing (and a good knowledge of European life) to catch all of the numerous jokes that are tucked away in there.

I’m sure the Oscar ceremony will be fun to watch but when all is said and done…well…let’s just say Ed’s not having an Oscar party this year. And if I did have one, who would show up?

This is Indiana. If there’s not a ball involved, there’s not much interest.


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