Pop Culture Hurts My Head

If you’re not familiar with VH1’s World Series of Pop Culture, it’s basically just what it sounds like. A quiz show about pop culture. And I often found myself shouting answers at the screen and not believing these people actually made it onto the show.

Thanks to a “heads up” from mi amiga Libby, I was able to partake in an online test tonight to try to qualify to become a contestant on the show. It was a timed test with six sections. They would be taking the people who scored in the top 5 percent and then choosing 50 contestants at random from that pool.

I just finished taking the test. My head hurts. The questions were much harder than I remember them being on TV, but I guess it has to be like that to weed out the chaff. My worst section of the test was a portion where they take a movie or episode of a TV show and give you a basic summary of the plot and you have to choose the one word in the paragraph that is wrong. Much to my chagrin, they gave summaries of TV shows I didn’t watch (Cheers, Saved by the Bell, Ally McBeal) and movies I had no time for (Broadcast News, Boogie Nights). Thankfully that portion was multiple choice. I’ll tell you right now, if I don’t win, I know what section was my downfall.

The other five sections I rocked in. I mean for real. I honestly don’t think I missed any other questions. I knew the lyrics to the theme from Growing Pains, I knew that Benicio Del Toro was in Big Top Pee Wee, I knew the lyrics to Pink’s “Get this Party Started”, I knew the original band name of R.E.M., and I knew how many fingers Homer Simpson has on both hands (including thumbs).

So if they pick me, cool. If not, that’s cool too. I’m not expecting anything at all, but those of you who know me know how much I love trivia, so it was a nice little diversion and something to do. Now I’m just waiting 10 more minutes so I can watch “Lost” (I had to turn off the TV so as not to be distracted, thus I was unable to watch the episode as it aired and will have to resort to watching it recorded via VHS).

I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right. Libby and I both stayed inside on Valentine’s Day to take an internet quiz and then watch “Lost.”


That’s right. We are the coolest people ever.


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