Calling Me Be My Wrong Name

A few people recently have asked me if they should call me Ed or Eddie. For most of you who live out-of-state, that’s never been a problem. You know me by one of those names and that’s all you ever hear people call me. But here at home, it is a bit of a dilemma.

I’ll try to explain. Most people who have known me since childhood call me Eddie. My family (except Dad, who’s pretty much always called me Ed), my friends, and people I went to school with. But now when I meet people I introduce myself as Ed. And when they get near my family, that’s when the confusion starts because they hear everyone else calling me Eddie. And then they ask me which I prefer.

I guess I don’t really have a preference. Whatever you call me is what you call me. But when you call me by the name you don’t usually use, that’s when it sounds weird. And a couple of times I’ve actually caught myself signing an email or message with the wrong name and gone back to correct it, most recently with Julie and Libby. So if I ever sign the wrong name when I write you, please forgive me. Sometimes it’s hard to remember who calls me what.

All of my friends in Pennsylvania call me Eddie. When I was on the air there, that’s the name I went by and how I came to be known. But if someone from PA would call me Ed, that would just sound weird. Likewise if my Nashville or New York friends were to call me Eddie. It just doesn’t fit.

So Ed…Eddie…it doesn’t much matter. Just pick one and stick with it. But ladies, you can still call me Pablo.


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