Who ARE these people?

People are spying on me. And I wish they had the guts to step forward and identify themselves instead of lurking in the background.

Ramblings of a paranoid delusionsal? Not this time.

I have that little Trakzor thing that monitors who visits my MySpace page, when they visit, and where they’re from. Trakzor doesn’t tell me who visits, but because it tells me what time they visit and what city they’re in, using a little detective work I can usually figure it who it is. For example, my brother left me a comment last week. So I went to see what time he left the comment and checked with Trakzor to see who visited my page at that time. Sure enough it said someone from Garrett visited me at the same time, so I was able to identify him.

But there are a couple of people who visit my page on a regular basis who for some reason have refused to ever contact me or leave me a message. And so now it’s time I call them out:

Ft Wayne, In: Someone from Ft Wayne visited my page 3 times so far today: at 8:21am, 1:25pm, and 4:02pm. This person visits my page on average about 4 times a day. Every day.

Charlotte, TN: This person doesn’t visit as much as the person from Ft wayne, but still….they visit a lot. And I have no idea where Charlotte is, which is why this one always stood out.

Nashville, TN: This mystery person has slowed down ther visits as of late, but at one point it got me very curious. They were visiting sometimes as often as 8 times a day. They usually visit bewteen midnight and 1am.

Mesa, AZ: I actually think this person who also usually visits me late at night is my cousin Rich. But he never leaves me a message so I can’t be sure. Rich, if you read this, step up, bro.

As for the rest of you…who are you? And why don’t you ever message me? There’s something that brings you back day in and day out, but apparently nothing intriguing enough to inspire you to come out from behind your mouse pad and ‘fess up. I have some suspiscions and some theories, but they’re just that.

Come on. stand up and be counted. I double dog dare ya.


One comment

  1. So, this is a questiosn, if you set only my friends can see me, as a private myspace, this programs can tell you who’s trying to see your myspace??

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