“The Failures of Ed” Update

Just an update to let you know the status of the short film I mentioned I was working on last week. Instead of boring you with a summary, I find bullet points are much more exciting!!

* This film will debut the name of my new production company. The name won’t mean anything to anyone except for those people who know their History of Ed. One of the pictures in my MySpace photos is labeled “Garrett, August 1980.” If you know the story behind that photo, then the name might make sense. Otherwise…just another production company.

* Seven scenes have been shot. Total running time so far is 2m40s.

* Another cameo appearance by a former co-worker of mine at WJTL.

* Shooting will continue in downtown Auburn IN this weekend.

* Only one scene (so far) has dialog.

* A friend has been contacted about writing original music for the short film but nothing has been confirmed, thus I shall refrain from naming names.

So there you go. Some leaks directly from the set to my favorite friends in the whole wide world. Do with this info what you will (i.e. notify Entertainment Tonight and Lorne Michaels and Marci Klein at Saturday Night Live).

More to follow…


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