Brad Moist would be proud

When I was working at Gotee Records I had the pleasure of working with a guy named Brad Moist. Brad, for those of you who don’t know, is the king of air guitar. He always had music coming from his desk and whether you were passing by on your way to the back room or he was wandering the office, he was usually armed with his air guitar./

One of my little quirks you may (or may not) have noticed if you’ve spent any time around me is how easily I absorb little quirks from people I hang around with. I got “Good night” from Jack in Atlanta, overuse of the word “embrace” from Phil in Lancaster, “Duuuuude” from my Uncle John in California, “I know!” and “Iiieeee!” from JT and Chris in New York (respectively), and I got my air guitar from Brad in Nashville. ..

Work lately here in Indiana has been slow and when work gets slow, that means money gets tight. And when money gets tight, I whip out Guitar Hero 2 for the PS2. Not only is it good at keeping me inside and not spending money (which is easy to do around here since there’s nothing to do in Auburn except spending money), it also helps me perfect my air guitar abilities.

For those of you familiar with the game, not only have I gotten five stars on every song on the easy and medium levels, but have gotten five gold stars (which means a 100% perfect performance) on the entire easy level and nearly all of the medium level.

What, you may ask, is a Guitar Hero? You’re lookin‘ at one.


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