“Read This If You’re A True Friend!”

How to annoy Ed:

Post a bulletin that encourages me to re-post it, otherwise I am threatened with horrible relationships/removal from your MySpace site/bad luck/not standing up for Jesus.

I don’t mind if you post a bulletin with a witty joke, humorous anecdote, or a fun survey. I often read them. But the mood is always destroyed when I reach the bottom and find out I’m not allowed to just enjoy it; I also have a homework assignment. “Pass it on!” “You would if you were a true friend!” “Jesus died for your sins, the least you could do is re-post this.” (Just to serve as a head’s up: If you post these things with the gentle threats included, each time I read them I hate you a little more inside.)

I’ve suddenly found myself in conditional relationships. This only happens online, mind you. Never has anyone had the gall to do this to me in person. “Hey Ed, I have a funny joke for you. But I’m not going to tell it to you unless you promise to pass it on to three friends in less than 2 hours, or else you won’t find true happiness for the next ten years.”

I’ll take my chances, ya dumb geek.


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