Why Factories Give Me A Headache

Ever try to wrap your mind around something that can’t be completely understood? You know, like trying to fathom how huge the universe is. You sit there and think about it and pretty soon you have to stop or else you freak out and find you have converted to Scientology.

I have the same problem with factories.

Think about it. Everything in the world, everything, is made in a factory of some sort (you know, excluding rocks and shrubbery). Your cell phone, toilet paper tubes, clothes pins…they all come from factories. So that means obviously there are as many factories as there are different things. And then there are factories that make the machines that are in the factories.

Follow me on this. Let’s take a factory that makes Playstation controllers. It’s a fairly unique product with its own unique look and design. And because the factory needs specific equipment to make these unique products, it needs specific machinery and gadgets that other factories don’t need. So then you need factories to make these specific factory machine parts. And then you need factories to make those parts and factories to make those factory parts, and so on down the line.

When does it freakin’ end????????

That’s why I hate factories. They make me think too hard. Can’t we just go back to the days when cars were made of sticks and houses were made of twine?


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