Today we were working for some old lady in Garrett. Right off, that sounds mean, but I heard her telling Dad she was 87 so come on, let’s face it: she’s an old lady.

Dad introduced me and Rich (my cousin) to her and although her face said “Oh, it’s so nice to meet you” I could tell that in her heart she was saying, “More Mexicans.”

Dad left Rich and I there while he attended to more business. Rich and I were in the back, scraping paint off the side of the house, innocently toiling away in the hot sun (like good Mexicans do). After about an hour or so the lady peeks her head out the back door and says, “Are you guys going to want any water?”

Now this isn’t an odd request. The people we work for are usually very kind people and to have them give us a soda or water while we’re working is never unusual. It’s always a very kind gesture and is always very appreciated. So when this character asked us if we wanted any water, I am sure Rich thought nothing of it when he politely answered, “Sure, I’ll have a glass.” But I remembered sensing the evil in her soul earlier and knew it was too good to be true.

She responded to Rich by pointing beside us and saying, “The hose is right there.”

No lie. She said the hose was right there.

She then added, “Here are a couple of glasses for you” and handed Rich two plastic cups. She then popped back in and closed (and locked) the door.

I don’t know why, but I found that little gesture extremely humorous. We weren’t good enough to have People Water, but doggonit, we were gonna use cups to drink from.

I turned to Rich and said, “I’m blogging about this tonight.”


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