Great Way To End The Week

Well, my week-long stay in Pennsylvania has been a most enjoyable one, I must say. It’s been so much fun to see old friends again.

John and Lisa have been such gracious hosts during my stay here and it was nice to hang out with their son Alex and have a genuine excuse to act like a kid again. Thursday night Stacey, Ann, Mindy, Tom & Mel came over and we had a great time playing karaoke and DDR Max (and we also watched the episode of Without A Trace which, I am sad to report, you couldn’t see me in).

Last night I got to visit with my Radio Friend Phil and then went to Ethan & Aubrey’s house for dinner and conversation. Aub’s parents and her little brother were there — great people– and it was really nice to see them again. After eating we watched some of the videos Ethan and I had been putting together and then just talked about life, love, and other mysteries.

Today was a great day to cap off a great week. Beautiful weather outside, and while Alex played in the backyard with a friend of his, John and I sat on the back porch and talked about life. Ethan and I went to a big barbecue the radio station was at, said hello to the whole gang, and then went to a little Irish pub called Wahtley’s (which, I was sad to learn, is closing its doors soon). After that we went to see a comedian and then Ethan dropped me off back at John and Lisa’s. John, Lisa, and I stayed up and watched some TV and did more talking.

I love these people here. They were what made it so hard to leave PA the first time.

Today while I was hanging out with Ethan he asked me if this week felt like a vacation or if I was sort of nervous about the big move back home. I told him neither. I definitely wasn’t nervous. And it also didn’t really feel like a vacation. It was kind of like I was taking care of unfinished business. I haven’t seen these friends for about four and a half years, and that was wayyy too long. It was good to get back and do some real catching up.

I told myself it wouldn’t be another 4 years before I saw them again. I ask you, Blog Reader, to help hold me to that.


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