The Toilet Paper Championship of 2006

When a group of people are forced into a confined area for a set amount of time, it’s pretty amusing the games that will be created to keep everyone entertained.

At the National Comedy Theatre, the cast members stay downstairs in the basement before each show. It’s a pretty big and open space. Our call time is 6:30 each night, so we’re usually down there about 30-45 minutes before the show starts. Most of the time the guys play soccer while the girls yell at the guys for accidentally kicking the ball into their heads while they sit on the sidelines.

Last night our first show was canceled/postponed (depending on who you talk to). Chris was scheduled to be the referee for the 7:30 show and JT was on the schedule to ref the 2nd show. Because Chris claimed the first show was canceled and since JT was scheduled to ref the 9:45 show, he claimed JT should be the ref. JT claimed that the first show was only postponed and since Chris was to ref the first show, the 9:45 was technically the first show and so Chris should ref.
And what better way to settle the dispute than a good friendly competition. The rules were simple: The two guys stand at opposite ends of the basement. One of them is blindfolded and given a roll of toilet paper. The other chooses a spot and must stand there while the toilet paper roll is thrown at them. If they’re hit, then they have to ref.

Pure and simple. Sure, it’s a bit juvenile and what-have-you, but that’s how guys settle things. There was no question about it, Chris won fair and square. The rest of us had a good laugh as they continued to go back and forth blindly throwing toilet paper at each other and all was well in the universe.

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