No One To Blame

Is it just me, or is everyone looking for someone else to blame? When I was younger, if someone was on TV acting stupid it was because of the drugs they did in the 60s. Then people were acting crazy because of VietNam. Now people blame their past: their childhood, their parents, they spanked me too much, they didn’t spank me enough, my Dad didn’t hug me, the kids made fun of me, bla bla bla.

How about this: If you’re an adult and you do something stupid, just say you did something stupid. I goof up all the time. Big goofs. Little goofs. Medium-sized goofs (or grande sized if you work at Starbucks) and there are a ton of things I could blame for my stupid behavior but the truth of the matter is, those things didn’t make me goof up. I did that all on my own and of my own free will. I understand people go through things that may have an impact on their lives, but really, should that be the reason to treat others the way we so often do?

If you’re reading this and thinking I wrote this about you, then you’re wrong. As much as this blog seems like an irate response to something someone did to me or I experienced, it really isn’t. I actually thought of it this morning when I was going down the hall to the bathroom.

Apparently poop makes me angry.



  1. Great post and I agree, I find it worrying these days that many people don’t want to accept personal responsibility for anything.
    This is an ongoing issue I am trying to get through to my teenager, just take responsibility, try not to do it again, move on.

  2. The saddest part is: if you don’t take responsibility for your mistakes, you can never learn to do things any better…

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