My First Celebrity and Disappointment

One of the things that excited me about living in Manhattan was the fact I knew I would eventually run into a celebrity on the street. Who would it be? Where would it be? When would it be? I have heard rumors of SNL actors frequenting my grocery store, but alas, nothing. I have also heard that Steve Buscemi still rides the subway with his son. Nada. So who would be my first New York celebrity sighting???

Today I found out.

As I left for work this afternoon, it was a dark, rainy day. Everyone had their umbrellas and, like myself, those who didn’t had the hood on their jacket pulled up to protect them. It wasn’t a real rain, more of a heavy mist. You may not know this about me, but I have adapted very well at becoming a New Yorker in that I walk fast. I zig and zag down the sidewalk with the best of them, and just before I entered the subway station on 42nd street I hit a crowd of people and someone in front of me walking too darn slow. They were short and round and all bundled up and I thought nothing of them except for the fact that they were walking too slow.

Just then this guy who was hanging around outside the Hilton Theater ran up to her and shouted, “Frenchie!!!! Are you Frenchie??!!”

Frenchie, to refresh your memory, was the blond-haired black girl who got kicked off American Idol and went on to appear on Broadway in Rent.

And all I could think was, Frenchie is my first celebrity????!! What a freakin’ ripoff!!! Booooooooooo!!!

I want a do-over.


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