Summing Up

A nice weekend, I must say (thank you Ed Grimley). Friday night I went to the National Comedy Theatre (heretofore referred to as the NCT) to watch the two shows. As Dane Cook would say, I had a blasty-blast. Not only are the people there hilarious but it’s been cool to see all of the different games they play and also get a chance to hang out with them and get to know them.

I worked Saturday and then had to run to KMart on the way home to pick up a random item (you don’t wanna know). When I was finished there (OK I had to pick up one of those dish-washing scrub things that you put the dish soap in with the detachable sponge head…see, I told you you didn’t want to know but you had to be all nosy, and now you’re all up in my face) I noticed the time and thought, Hey, it’s 7:25. And the NCT is just a couple of blocks away. I’ll think I’ll go see more shows!

Dee wasn’t feeling up to making the trek out (the wretched foot!), so I saw a couple more shows and again, laughed like a retarded ninja. Afterward I got to hang out a little more with some of the gang/crew/posse and it was a splendid time indeed.

Yesterday Dee and I pretty much stayed in most of the day. I made a quick jaunt to the Drama Book Shop and then we ordered pizza and chilled out.

I just got back this morning from my callback at the Jekyll and Hyde Club. There were about 12 (?) people there and it was pretty fun. Did a couple quick warm-up games, then played an improv game called Freeze Tag, although when we went on stage we were given one of the different characters from the restaurant to play. Finally, we paired up and we had to read a script. There were two characters, a Southern guy and a French guy. We were going to read the script and then we would switch characters and do it again. I did the French guy on the first round, got some nice laughs, and then before everyone switched it up the casting guy Dave said he was good and thus the callback endeth.

If I make it to the 2nd round of callbacks, we will spend our time in the booth operating the animatronic voices, as well as cueing the music and working the puppets. I am pretty stoked. I felt it went well today (I feel much better than I did after my first audition) so we’ll see. I may have sucked big time and am still unaware of it.

So yea, that’s my last few days. What have you been up to, children?


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