I told you I’d be out of commission for a few days.

I’ve been working hard and if you’ve paid any attention to the weather forecast then you know that it’s been hot (almost 100 on more than one day) and humid. But I’m staying hydrated and coming home each night and crashing. That kind of work is good for the soul, I guess, but I will be ready to move on to Phase 2 soon.

Not that it hasn’t been nice being here. Running into old friends and family has been great and spending so much time with my grandmother has been priceless. I interview her on an almost daily basis asking about the family, where she grew up, what she did when she was young, and even what kind of car they had (her brother had a Model T, how crazy is that?). She’s seen a lot in her day.

In the meantime, finding the opportunity to hop online has been less-than-frequent (I bring up the fact that I am typing this after-hours in a real estate office as proof. It’s eerily quiet and I am stuffing myself with free Gummi Bears). But rest assured I will keep you posted when I can and as things happen.

But hey, enough about me, how have you been? And after you tell me how you’ve been, step outside and get some fresh air. Sure it’s hot and humid but in a few months as winter sets in, we’ll be wishing it were warm once again. Enjoy it while it’s here.


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