My Turn

Things here in Chicago have been going well for my little band of friends. Amy has been auditioning like crazy and now the offers are starting to come in. We’re all really happy for her. I believe she has three (count ’em, three!) offers floating around right now, which is awesome!

Tonight Erik just found out he got the role of Charles Ingalls (Pa!) in a production of “Little House on the Prairie” and again, we were all really stoked for him!

And now its my turn. I have about 5 auditions within a week’s time. Tonight I went to one for a show called “Beyond Therapy” by Christopher Durang. It went really well. They laughed a lot at my monologue which was cool (and they laughed in all the right places) and they had me do a cold reading from the script with another lady. I thought that went well, too. I had a blast. They told me that they would call me tomorrow if they want to see me at the callback on Thursday night. Whether or not anything comes from it is beside the point. I really enjoy the audition process and it was fun to be back out there again.

One of my favorite things about auditions is watching the other people who are there to audition because no matter what time you get there, whether you’re in the front of the pack or one of the last to be seen, there’s always one person there who loves to draw attention to themselves and be, well, an actor about it. It’s a lot of fun and tonight was no exception. Nothing like a bunch of actors to keep me entertained.

Good times.


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