The Year Of Ed

I’ll be 34 in about a week, and let me tell you, as I look back I realize that 33 sucked big time. I remember when I turned 33 I was all excited because, you know, 33 was kind of a big year for Jesus and I wondered what this magical age had in store for me. After all is said in done, I feel like I’ve gone through a crucifixion or two of my own.

And I’m ready for 34. It’s not that I’m ready for 33 to be OVER, but I’m ready for how good I know 34 is going to be. I’m ready for 34 to be a good year; to be the total inverse opposite of the age that I shall heretofore refer to as The Evil Age Of 33.

34 is going to rock. Really. I’m all set and I’m putting things into action.

34 is going to kick 33’s butt.



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