These Are The People In My Neighborhood

A new Chinese Restaurant, CHINA DRAGON, has opened up around the corner. I like to frequent their fine establishment and it’s gotten to the point where they recognize me when I phone in my order and carry on great conversation while I go in to pick up my food. Yesterday when I went in they threw in a FREE DESSERT! How cool is that. I feel like such a part of the neighborhood now. It was a cool adventure and a nice warm fuzzy feeling.

And speaking of the people in my neighborhood, I have become hooked on a Broadway musical that I have never seen. Those of you who know me know that I am into acting, but most of my knowledge is in movies. I haven’t seen many musicals and even fewer plays. There is a new musical, though, that is at the same time a biting satire on “Sesame Street” and current events. I’m a huge fan of parody (but only when it’s done right…lame parody is just…well, lame (are you listening, Apologetix??)) but the fine folks who put together “Avenue Q” are geniuses. I saw a small bit of their performance during the Tony awards and I was like “Hm.” I did a search online and downloaded a couple of songs to test it out and was hooked. The next day I went out and bought the CD (not all people who download songs are evil, eh?) and I can’t stop listening to it.

If you’re able to get up to NYC, check this show out. “The Lion King” used to be the Broadway show that I “had to see” but I believe the animals of Africa have been bumped by some foul-mouthed puppets from New York.


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