Office Depot: Smarter Than Me

A couple of days ago I went to Office Depot to buy some mailing envelopes. Upon checking out, the cashier told me that if I called the number on my receipt and took part in their customer service survey, at the end of the phone call I would be given a secret code that would give me $5 off my next purchase at their fine establishment.

I thought that was awesome. Each pack of envelopes that I got was about five bucks, and since I knew that I would probably be going back soon for more, that meant that one of the packs would be free. FREE I SAY!!

The time had come to purchase more and I went back today. On the way there I had it all figured out. I’ll buy two more packs, one of them will be free, and then I’ll take THAT receipt, do the survey thing again, and get another $5 off and go back for two more in a few days where one of them would be free and so on down the line. I had found a loophole (kind of like the pudding tops and free air miles in “Punch Drunk Love”) and I would soon be swimming in free mailing envelopes! The genius of my plan!!!!!

But this time when I checked out I just got a regular dumb old receipt with no option of a survey. Just an itemized list of my two packs of envelopes.

It seems the marketing geniuses at Office Depot are one step ahead of me. Well played, Office Depot. Well played.


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